[fpc-pascal] Question on programming serial communication.

Gene Buckle geneb at deltasoft.com
Mon Feb 25 17:39:40 CET 2008

> I guess you totally mis-understood my question, or I explained wrongly what I
> want.
> 1. I do NOT want to run a BBS. I want to port the control software of my
>   central heating (I developed, programmed and built the whole control-
>   and regulation system (hardware and software) by myself in 1998. I use
>   microcontrollers in my house (in room sensors, at the heater, ...) and
>   they get their commands from a central software, currently running on
>   DOS and using the FOSSIL-driver for serial I/O.
>   That is, what I wanted to explain to show a little bit of the back-

The idea was that you grab a copy of EleBBS and strip the serial code out 
for your own uses, NOT run a BBS on it.  It is an example of serial port 
access in Linux that may or may not work for you, simple as that.


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