[fpc-pascal] Question on programming serial communication.

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Feb 25 17:36:57 CET 2008

> On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Gene Buckle wrote:
> 3. I will prefer to simply open a /dev/ttyXX from my central software and
>    talk to my controllers then. If this is interrupt driven or not, I do
>    not really (want to) care about.
>    I expect that an Operating System like Linux will be able to give me
>    that functionality and does all this low level stuff by itself?
>    I only want to use sme kind of API, Class, Object or set of procedures
>    which allows me similar things as were possible with the FOSSIL 
>    driver:
>    - Buffered I/O
>    - Flow Control as I need (RTS/CTS, XON/XOFF, Both, None)
>    - Direct Control of control lines like DTR, ...
>    - Possibilities for monitoring fill level of buffers, to force
>      them to be erased (made empty), ...
> Actually, I only asked for point 3, nothing else, and if tSerial of FreePascal 
> is able to give me that on LINUX. I never will touch Windows (because I want 
> to make my life easier, not harder), nor do I want to continue with DOS (see 
> points 1+2 of above). ;-)
> Hope this clears a bit what I actually want.

Have a look at unit serial. The interface can be seen here:


this is an older utility unit that isn't used much, and there is no docs.
Maybe there are examples somewhere, but I don't know much about it yet.

Please let me know your results. I want to play with a serial link to a
microchip embedded board in the (hopefully near) future myself.

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