[fpc-pascal] fpc ide and context help

Marco Alvarado cronodragon at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 20:35:51 CET 2008

I have installed FPC with a DOS emulator for Windows (DOS box). When
it's installed that way I get that message to download the help files
as you mention, but when it is installed from Windows itself, the help
files are included and the context help works.

Anyway I use Lazarus a lot, which is a Delphi-like environment. It
allows you to create console and GUI applications.


2008/2/22, wb <wsbcomm at earthlink.net>:
> i haven't programmed for years in pascal. i downloaded fpc and played around with it's ide, i was wondering if it has context help like the old borland turbo 7? i tried it and the message returned was regarding downloading a *.htm doc. tried that but couldn't find it to download. what other ide's are fpc users using these days?
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