[fpc-pascal] syscalls and fpc

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Feb 16 01:00:35 CET 2008

> Another issue (I should report it as a bug imho) is that Do_Syscall is
> not really usable if you require to use different parameters then
> integer value, for example: PChar.

> I think that the entire design of the Do_SysCall is malformed in the
> way it assumes the number of parameters and also the type of them, so
> as I asked before, how I can either call the syscall command without
> assembler, or how I can pass an array of const (prior to that I asked
> regarding array of TSysParam) to assembly if three is no other way to
> use syscall ?

So we can write you up as volunteer to write up prototypes (and worse
maintain them) for about 300 calls per OS per arch?

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