[fpc-pascal] Interfacing with the free pascal compiler ?

Skybuck Flying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 11 21:28:35 CET 2008


I will open source my little IDE so other people can help with it. Or use it 
in their own IDE.

For now I am looking for:

1. A replacement for RichEdit which has syntax highlighting for 
pascal/delphi. Line numbers are a big plus.

2. Some help with a DLL/API interface/specification.

For example would it be possible to pass Delphi classess to Free pascal 
libraries and vice versa ?

(My bet is: probably not :))

So then some other way has to be found to do what I want... I/We will have 
to give it some thought.

For now I put it on my webdrive but I have little space... so later I will 
switch to source forge for more space.

Take a look:


For those not on Windows I shall include screenshot as well:


  Skybuck :)

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