[fpc-pascal] set addition bug?

Adam Naumowicz adamn at math.uwb.edu.pl
Mon Feb 11 18:40:25 CET 2008


I'd like to know if this is a known issue, or a new bug.

With the following code:
program tester;

type SomeType = ( SomeElem );

const ElemSet = [ SomeElem ];

    writeln(SomeElem in ElemSet);
    writeln(SomeElem in (ElemSet + []));

one gets:


while it should rather be


The problem concerns FPC 2.2.0 on i386/Linux. Actually, I was tracing a 
bug that was only visible with 2.2.0 while the 2.0.0 version of the 
compiler did not produce an errorneous code on that. Unfortunately, I 
didn't succeed to separate a small snippet of code responsible for that - 
in that case, however, the set after the '+' was another set constant, not 
an empty set, so the problem is rather general. As I said, with 2.0.0 the 
boolean value was correct, while with 2.2.0 it was plain wrong.

Best regards,
Adam Naumowicz

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