[fpc-pascal] Can you knock my socks off ? Can you mimic Skybuck's/Delphi's Major Breakthrough for code path and memory structure selection ?

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 12:20:04 CET 2008

Peter Vreman wrote:
>> None the less very interesting example.
>> Problem is ofcourse FPC does not support the new Delphi 2007 features.
>> And the big question is how would you port this code to FPC ?
> Please don't make _your_ problem our problem!!!
> You knew beforehand that FPC doesn't support these features. If you 
> want to be compiler independent you have to keep to the smallest 
> feature set.
> Writing multiple mails with complains will not help to get features in 
> the compiler.

I don't think this guy actually listens to anything anyone says to him. 
He always seems, to me, to be speaking to an audience, rather than a 
discussion list.

Adios Sybuck Flying, added you to my ignore list ;-)


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