[fpc-pascal] Lazarus with FPC 2.3.1 i386 Mac OSX

Bent Normann Olsen bent at earmaster.com
Tue Feb 5 13:24:12 CET 2008

Thanks for the reply,

I was especially interested in the 2.3.1 fix in the sizes for enumerated
types. Small enumerated types in FPC 2.2.0 has the size of 4 bytes, and 1
byte in Delphi. Sizes of small enumerated types in FPC 2.3.1 is 1 byte after
the fix. I understand, that "set of" types has the size of 4 bytes or 32
bytes, and probably will be this way for the future releases of FPC.

This is to keep compatibility for written records and record sizes in files
in mind. A workaround is of course to use byte and type casting instead.

Is there any chances this fix in 2.3.1 will be available in 2.2.x versions
of FPC?


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Bent Normann Olsen schreef:
> Hi all,
> Anyone having an idea when Lazarus is to be released with FPC 2.3.1 for
> Mac OSX?

There won't be Lazarus releases with FPC 2.3.1, because FPC 2.3.1 is not a
but a development snapshot. FPC 2.3.1 will become FPC 2.4.0, when it will be

The next Lazarus release after the FPC 2.4.0 release, will be released for
FPC 2.4.0.

Before FPC 2.4.0 is released, I expect at least a FPC 2.2.2 and possibly a
FPC 2.2.4 
(and 2.2.6). So I personally don't expect FPC 2.4.0 in 2008 and chances are
not too 
high for 2009 either.

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