[fpc-pascal] My favourite missing feature

Frank de Groot (Rent-a-Geek) frank at rentageek.no
Wed Dec 24 12:23:16 CET 2008

I agree with J├╝rgen.

It's is much more preferable to write standard Pascal, for many reasons:

1. The number of people proficient in RegExes is very small, and it takes 
regular practice to keep the skill up.
Very bad to be dependent on such a subset of Pascal programmers.

2. RegExes are notoriously difficult to debug, even for experts.

3. You become dependent on yet another external library (and possible bugs).

4. RegExes, especially complex ones, are usually orders of magnitude slower 
than straight Pascal, because they're usually interpreted at runtime by a 

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From: "Mark Morgan Lloyd"

> However what's better: a single regex expressing a pattern to underlying 
> well-tested code or ten lines of "classic" Pascal doing the same job? 
> Cryptic though regular expressions are I'd suggest that the latter case 
> has far more scope for coding error or for misinterpretation by a 
> maintainer.

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