[fpc-pascal] FreePascal/Lazarus plug-in's for Delphi.

Skybuck Flying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 22:08:27 CET 2008

>> I would like to bring to your attention this project:
>> http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=365095
>> DWPL... it was quite impressive... it had a text gui which was compatible
>> with Delphi... not sure if it's still compatible with Delphi 2007...
>> probably not... maybe it has the same issue's as Lazarus now has... maybe
>> Lazarus was even based on it... (?)
> Yes, this is really what we need. Ditch DOS filenames and switch to a
> DOS based text GUI.

I think you missed the point here.

The point was:

DWPL simply replaced some unit aliases, and implemented a compatible 
text-based VCL (probably using CLX).

This ment the application could be compiled for windows with a graphical 
This ment the application could be compiled for dos with a text gui which 
looked graphical.

Delphi uses:


DWPL would change it to:


Then use tool to convert windows exe to wdosx32 exe.

By using only the supported gui components at least the gui code would 
simply compile without any changes necessary.

Probably same for RTL... for threading I am not sure ;) it was being 
implemented at the time.

Something like that for Lazarus would be nice ! :)


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