[fpc-pascal] TListBox bug in LCL of Lazarus?

Jürgen Hestermann juergen.hestermann at gmx.de
Sun Dec 21 11:13:59 CET 2008

> The UTF8Decode routine kills any string with malformed UTF8 sequences.
> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=11791

Thanks for that hint.

I am a bit astonished that this bug has survived 2 updates (was reported 
for 2.2.0 and still exists in 2.2.2).

I also didn't find any information that the strings are forced to be 
UTF8. And how do I insert constant strings in UTF8? Do I realy have to 
look up all sequences when using extented characters?

It took me many hours to find out that the stings were missing only when 
having german umlauts in them. Not a very reliable programming 
environment for serious programming if I invest more time in debugging 
the LCL than in debugging my own programs.

Jürgen Hestermann.

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