[fpc-pascal] Re: Using OpenCASCADE 3d tools with Pascal?

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Fri Dec 19 05:25:43 CET 2008

"Marc Santhoff" <M.Santhoff-zqRNUXuvxA0b1SvskN2V4Q at public.gmane.org> wrote 
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<SNIP>>> I was thinking more along the lines of perhaps creating a 
compatible dll
>> that could be used for Pascal/Delphi, and if necessary, flattening when
>> necessary method calls to plain functions, etc.
>> I'm sure this sort of thing has been done before as you can use it under
>> Visual Basic, Java, C#, Python, Ruby.
> I *think* that could be doable, I'm not so sure currently if there were
> general problems using C++ or if it had to do with ref-counted objects,
> memory management, or maybe only forms and graphical objects.
> Hopefully someone else can speak up here ...
>> I have seen various people create a single dll containing the OpenCASCADE
>> routines, but I am not sure how.
>> One person has made
>> "NaroCAD, a free open source parametric modeling CAD application with C#:
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/narocad/. The project contains a
>> .Net(C++/CLI) wrapper layer and also a wrapper code generator 
>> application,
>> you can generate your own wrappers in the language you want.
>> The OCC 6.3.0 wrappers are compiled under one assembly named
>> OCWrappers.dll."
>> See the thread below
>> http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_14766/
> There is FreeCAD, too. If all people starting a CAD program on sf.net
> would unite, that would be quite enough manpower to build a complete
> free CAD application in three months. ;)
> Something similar, hopefully explaning what you need:
> http://info.borland.com/borlandcpp/papers/bc360/
> HTH,
> Marc

Hi Marc,
    To be honest, I am really only interested in the 3d STEP model 
import/export, and how to create the underlying meshes, etc. prior to the 
export, and back again from the import operation.

I am hoping this will simplify things quite a bit :-)


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