[fpc-pascal] Schema Types

Florian Klaempfl florian at freepascal.org
Mon Dec 15 20:37:42 CET 2008

Kevan Hashemi schrieb:
> Dear FPC,
> I'm considering movingn from GPC to FPC. One thing I like very much
> about GPC is its schema types. I can declare a matrix like this:
> matrix_type(num_rows,num_columns:integer)=
>   array [1..num_rows,1..num_columns] of real;
> and then create a new matrix with:
> var
>   M:^matrix_ptr;
>   num_rows,num_columns:integer;
> begin
>   readln(num_rows,num_columns);
>   M:=new(M,num_rows,num_columns);
> So far as I can tell, FPC supports one-dimentional dynamic arrays, but
> not more complicated schema types. Is that true?

FPC supports multi dimensional dyn. arrays with

  a : array of array of real;



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