[fpc-pascal] Hello World for Darwin ?

Skybuck Flying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 14 21:48:44 CET 2008


1. I start fp

2. I open file:

program HelloWorldv2;

{$mode delphi}

        writeln('Hello Free Pascal World !');


3. I tried to compile/build to "Darwin i386".

4. Error/compile screen says:

  Main file: Y:\..\helloworld\helloworldv2.pas
  Failed to compile...
  Target: Darwin for i386
  Line number:      0     Total lines:           0
  Used memory:    208K    Allocated memory:   1504K
  Total errors:     1     Compile time:        0.0s

5. FP about box says:

  FreePascal IDE for Win32 for i386
           Target CPU: i386
      Version 1.0.10 2008/08/03
       (Compiler Version 2.2.2)
         (Debugger GDB 6.2.1)
      Copyright (C) 1998-2008 by

             Bérczi Gábor
            Pierre Muller
             Peter Vreman

I want to make little Hello World example for Mac OS X :)

How can I do this ? Little help/tutorial would be helpfull ;)

Website says FPC had compile bugs for Darwin ?

Compiler 2.2.2 is on my system do I need to update or something ?


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