[fpc-pascal] Create appending data to existing exe file?

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at mbox.vol.cz
Sun Dec 14 12:16:35 CET 2008

On 13 Dec 08, at 10:40, Lee Jenkins wrote:

Hi Lee,

> Is it possible to append data to an existing executable file and have that file 
> run correctly?  I'm adding scripting features to one of our products and I 
> wanted it so that our software can create a standalone executable for the end 
> user.

First of all, this may be different for different platforms, so it's 
probably rather important to know the platform you're talking about. 
Executable files for some platforms have explicit support for 
addition of some data directly into the executable file in the form 
of the so-called resources and the tool necessary for adding the data 
(resource compiler) may be directly shipped together with the 
particular platform, in other cases appending the data outside the 
real executable image may be more tricky (but it can be probably done 
for all platforms in this or that way).

> My plan was to create the base executable file which had the script engine and 
> business logic to run the script and ship that with the product.  Then compile 
> the end user's script and combine it with a copy of the "base executable" to 
> produce the final executable file.
> Is this possible or is there a more feasible way of having a program create 
> stand alone executables?  Normally, I'd just ship the fpc compiler and just 
> compile the final exe behind the scenes but I don't want to make the source code 
> to the "base" exe available.

Well, if you consider distributing FPC and compiling the final exe 
"behind the scenes", an alternative may be distributing your base 
executable in the form of units compiled with the particular FPC 
version (i.e. without having to distribute source files) and then 
create and compile just the program skeleton (calling functionality 
from the pre-compiled units) plus your script.


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