[fpc-pascal] Cannot find GTK

Andres Linares andoresu at hotmail.co.jp
Tue Dec 9 21:56:44 CET 2008

I went: Options -> directories, and in "Units" the text box is empty. What must I write there?

I run openSUSE 10.3, if that's important.



> Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal] Cannot find GTK
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> Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 10:43:18 +0100
> From: marcov at stack.nl
> In our previous episode, Andres Linares said:
> > I was trying with some examples about using the GTK library in the
> > FreePascal IDE (the blue screen) and it says that this unit is missing.
> > Despite that, I could compile them all using fpc from the command
> > interpreter.
> > 
> > What is happenning? Is there any setting I must change in FP?
> The IDE has an own internal compiler and maintains its own unitpath.
> So either the IDE's compiler is different from your cmdline compiler (check
> the version in the about box), _OR_
> the unit path in options->directories is not set correctly or completely.
> Keep in mind that an asterisk at the end means recursion, just like in
> fpc.cfg
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