[fpc-pascal] Wrong Time from Now() or Time()

Alexander Bauer alex at familie-bauer.info
Thu Dec 4 08:36:10 CET 2008

Valdas Jankūnas schrieb:
> Alexander Bauer rašė:
>> I have a strange problem with fpc 2.2.2 on  Ubuntu Linux.
>> The function Now(); did not return the right time ?!?
>> It returns the time UTC -  6 hours.
>> Any suggestions ?
>> br,
>> Alex
> try GetTime or GetLocalTime from SysUtils unit.
It's always the same time. UTC - 6 hours.
But it's not a problem of fpc or the functions, it must be a problem of 
the Linux Ditribution.

On Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop the time is correct.
I use a system based on Ubuntu Server 8.04 and get a wrong time.

Does someone know what system components are relevant for the time 
functions ?
Perhaps the system i use has something missing.

Btw. the linux date command shows the correct time, of course.


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