[fpc-pascal] Mac OS X api cals

Damien Gerard milipili at shikami.org
Thu Aug 28 22:49:51 CEST 2008

Le Aug 28, 2008 à 8:09 PM, Jonas Maebe a écrit :

> On 28 Aug 2008, at 09:26, Paul wrote:
>> That would be almost impossible: a session is running with 8 https  
>> clients communicating to the server.
>> The server has to have certificate that can be checked continuously  
>> at the certificate authority.
>> It's a complete different model than all existing software and is  
>> mainly used by large enterprise clients.
>> Some need a very high secutity level (banks) and we even need to  
>> write special servers for them.
>> Believe me: they won't take VNC for an answer.
> I really don't see the problem. Your client software would obviously  
> be doing all the certificate checking and the customers don't have  
> to know whether it's vnc or your proprietary protocol underneath.  
> There are simply two separate things:
> a) software to let a remote user control a local computer
> b) secure transmission and authentication of the commands etc  
> between the server and the local computer
> Now,
> a) can be done with vnc
> b) can be done by tunneling the vnc data stream over as many https  
> connections as you want, which are authenticated as often and  
> wherever you want, using your client software. I.e., the client  
> software can simply be a secure proxy for a vnc data stream  
> (breaking it up and sending different kinds of packets over  
> different https connections or whatever).
> Of course, if you need to be able to do things that the vnc protocol  
> itself does not support, that would be another matter (but I haven't  
> seen that being mentioned).

However, as a bank, they only trust on themselves. And they like to  
reinvent a broken wheel :)

Damien Gerard
milipili at shikami.org

Si ces robots s'humanisaient, inversement les êtres humains se  
robotiseraient-ils ?

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