[fpc-pascal] set SONAME in LINUX shared libraries

Werner Bochtler werner.bochtler at zkrd.de
Wed Aug 20 10:23:36 CEST 2008

>> Can anyone give me a hint how to set the 'soname'in FPC shared libraries
>> for LINUX?
> If -o doesn't work, nothing will.

-o does work but it changes the output name *and* the soname.

My intention is to generate e.g. a library libTest.so.0.1.0 with soname

Using -o libTest.so.0 and renaming the generated library to
libTest.so.0.1.0 is a possible workaround but it is not very

BTW: According to the description of -o (see fpc -h) it should set the
name of the generated binary only. Is it really a good idea to set the
soname as well? As far as I can remember in earlier revisions of FPC the
-o switch has not influenced the soname. The soname was always constant

A possible solution would be to support the Kylix directive {$SONAME}.
(-> fpc bugtracker: 0008128)

Best regards,

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