[fpc-pascal] Reading non-printable caracters in file (linux)

TOUZEAU DAVID david.touzeau at fr.kaspersky.com
Sun Aug 17 01:54:19 CEST 2008


I need  to read /proc/pid/cmdline files

But if  i use a standard function that read file with  
assign,"readln",EOF  some important non-printables  caracters are not 

with fpc readln :

if i use cat -v  "cat -v  /proc/26328/cmdline"


Did anybody has developped a function that read a file include 
non-printable caracters  "^@" like a  cat -v command line tool ?

Best regards

David Touzeau -------------------------- Linux Ubuntu 7.04 feisty 
FreePascal-Lazarus,perl,delphi,php artica for postfix management console 
(http://www.artica.fr) icq:160018849

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