[fpc-pascal] Speed

L L at z505.com
Wed Oct 31 01:42:20 CET 2007

> I hear the Intel C compilers and Fortran compilers and Ada compilers are
> optimized for certain things since FPC/delphi are generally desinged for GUI
> programming. ;-)
>> C/Fortran yes, Ada no; there exists no Intel Ada compiler. It is also
>> false that FPC is slow because it has been designed for GUI programming,
>> as that is plain false: FPC has been designed to exploit the performance
>> of 32-bit processors: high performance, no memory limitations.

Nitpick, Nitpick, Nitpick.. :-)

I grouped 'Intel C Compiler' together in one section.

1. Intel C Compiler
2. Other Fortran Compiler
3. Other Ada compiler


1. Intel C Compiler
2. Intel Fortran Compiler
3. Intel Ada compiler

> The compiler supports some features necessary for RAD (like rtti), and
> that is about everything you will find in FPC's design that is about GUI
> programming. Still, FPC is damned fine for GUI programming.

It is.. and it is damned fine for server utilities that I use every day, and it
is damned fine for batch programs and console programs and all sorts of
wonderful things.

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