[fpc-pascal] Re: Why this evaluates on "if" wrong ?

L L at z505.com
Mon Oct 29 22:58:36 CET 2007

> Same as ansistring.. it can be dangerous to hide all the intricate details of
> pchar/bytearray, which is what ansistring does. But ansistrings are really
> useful for 'every day' use.

> > Wrong. A string can be represented "alphadequate", as it is called; an
> > ansistring can handle any string you can imagine supposed there is enough
> > memory available.


Your search - alphadequate - did not match any documents.

-Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
-Try different keywords.
-Try more general keywords.
-Tell Google they are wrong with a capital w.

> An adequate or alphadequate representation of a real number cannot exists.
> Regardless what datastructure you use, there always exists a real number
> that cannot be represented by it.

A string with infinite characters cannot be represented.
Therefore, there is always a string that cannot be represented.

RealToStr() for example.

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