[fpc-pascal] Run process and exit (win32)

ik idokan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 09:03:23 CEST 2007

"Execute" is blocking, so it will continue to execute itself until you
will stop the execution.

You might wish to seperate the process by creating two executables,
and execute a program in the background so you could decide what to
do, like in a daemon way...


On 10/23/07, Leonardo M. Ramé <martinrame at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to start a Win32 process and exit leaving the process executing. The test scenario
> is a CGI calling a simple Http server (the Synapse Http server demo).
> The problem is the CGI program doesn't stop (in Firefox's status bar there's a "Transfering data
> from localhost..." message until I click Stop button) until the child process is finished. If I
> refresh the page, the program works as expected.
> Any hint on this?
> To start the child process I use TProcess as follows:
> ...
>     lProcess := TProcess.Create(nil);
>     try
>       lProcess.CommandLine := 'httpserver.exe';
>       lProcess.Options := [poNoConsole];
>       lProcess.Execute;
>     finally
>       lProcess.Free;
>     end;
> ...
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