[fpc-pascal] Serial port interrupts?

Tom Walsh tom at openhardware.net
Wed Oct 10 11:35:44 CEST 2007

John Coppens wrote:
> Hello people.
> To make a debugging tool, I need to time changes on the serial port
> control and status lines on a Linux machine. The serial port hardware has
> this possibility, but is it possible to program this in a more
> or less high-level way? I did this a long time ago in DOS. 
> I've looked at several libraries, but none seem to give access to
> line/status change events in realtime.

I doubt that you could do the same with Windows XP.  Hardware operations 
are abstracted such that the device is "managed" via a kernel device 
driver.  To do what you want to do might require you to write / modify 
the serial port driver.

Having said that, it would be doubtful as to how finite a measurement / 
control that you could exert over the serial port.  Modern kernels are 
multi-tasking beasts, and by design, no one process (thread) should / 
could take up the full attention of the kernel for any significant 
amount of time.  Even under an interrupt driven service there would be 
jitter and an unpredictable response time before the service routine is 
actually run.


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