[fpc-pascal] Re:The Interface to MySQL has changed on version by version Andi Purwito

L L at z505.com
Wed Oct 10 07:36:41 CEST 2007

> mysqlku.pas(16,18) Error: Identifier not found "TMYSQL"
> mysqlku.pas(16,18) Error: Error in type definition
> mysqlku.pas(18,22) Error: Identifier not found "TMYSQL_ROW"
> mysqlku.pas(18,22) Error: Error in type definition
> mysqlku.pas(74,17) Error: Operator is not  overloaded
> mysqlku.pas(76,32) Error: Illegal qualifier
> mysqlku.pas(76,35) Error: Illegal expression
> mysqlku.pas(77,35) Error: Illegal qualifier
> mysqlku.pas(77,38) Error: Illegal expression
> mysqlku.pas(78,37) Error: Illegal qualifier
> mysqlku.pas(78,44) Error: Illegal expression
> It's look that the interface has changed. But where can we get and follow its
> change?

Instead of using 'TMYSQL_ROW' try 'MYSQL_ROW' (omit the T).
That way, you can compile the code with both versions of Mysql since the old
units have the type definitions without the 'T' also.

To Michael or whoever knows:
Did the C header files use 'T' back then but not now?

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