[fpc-pascal] Help getting started with FPC

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Fri Nov 30 22:55:30 CET 2007

On 30 Nov 2007, at 22:46, Edward Kearns wrote:

>> If you want something more akin to Think Pascal, you may want to  
>> try LWP, which is available here:
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/lightweight-ide
> I did try LWP, and when I opened New Skel, and Compiled, and Ran,  
> all I got were error message.

Which error message?

> Where do I go to create my main file in LWP?

Anywhere you want. Just make sure it starts with a program header  
(such as "program helloworld;").


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