[fpc-pascal] Re: FCL-DB/SQLDB docs started

L L at z505.com
Wed Nov 28 00:46:40 CET 2007

> Where do I get a Doc ID to edit those pages?  

The current doc id is -lufdocz- including dashes.
We'd be happy if you helped.. there is also the tiOPF page that I opened..

> There are loads of
> spelling and grammar mistakes I would like to fix.  Oh btw, 'Remember'
> is still spelled incorrectly in that page I mentioned before. :)

I don't rmembr any spelling mistake.


As for the other moaners and complainers: learn to read.  And get a clue.
Graeme and Leonardo seem to have one.
I have several articles addressing why docs should not be stored in 
an unstructured wiki.

Help the help, help our help!

As always,

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