[fpc-pascal] FCL-DB/SQLDB docs started

Leonardo M. Ram´┐Ż martinrame at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 01:24:18 CET 2007

Of course Db unit will be documented as well. By documenting SQLDb (in fact, I don't call it a
documentation, but a how-to in this instance), we started answering the common question of how to
connect to an sql database, maybe the first most important thing a new user of an unknown database
library wants to know before deciding to use it. 

The following addendums should be Params usage and TFields, as well as transactions.


> There are none. (at least not comitted) But they should be in the
> fpc-docs repository. So you could add them there.
> Btw: you can better start documenting the db-unit. Teh
> sqldb-documentation is kind of useless without the db-unit
> documentation.
> Then you can use something like your notes to explain how one can use
> sqldb.
> And I think that documenting the internals, thus what is called when, is
> not very usefull in this stage. (Unless you want to help develop for
> sqldb, offcourse) First get the main things working.
> And if you want to document sqldb, document .applyupdates and .commit.
> Joost
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