[fpc-pascal] PIC returns in 2.4?

afpTeam afpteam at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 18 17:19:33 CET 2007

> urbansound at sbcglobal.net schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> Currently the FAQ shows Position Independent Code generation is
>> "currently broken" in the creation of shared libraries, (Future Plans
>> shows 2.4 working to recover it).  I tried to search the web site but
>> the search system gives an error right now.
>> Please, what version did PIC last work in for Linux
> PIC works in 2.2.0.
>> and Windows?
> Windows needs no PIC.
>> Does availability of testing PIC look far off or near future?

Ditto Windows PIC, but for cross platform API integrations, dlls/.so/ELF and 
(as in wrestling Win/x86 against *Nix /AMD-64).  I was chasing some *Nix 
threading issues in 2.02, when I noted PIC stated in the FAQ, unsure how 
wide the scope of effect might be.  I'm ending up evolving into this from 
growing success I've had using FPC in simpler related integrations and 
basically trying to find an escape from sockets as a bridge in some of my 
current work.  I don't really want to fall back on rev levels if waiting on 
2.4 might clean up things.

So if PIC in 2.2 is also in question, (not at all trying to rush anyone), 
does it look like 2.4 will address this any time soon or it's just too soon 
to know?

>> Thanks always,
>> Mike

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