[fpc-pascal] CSV via PCRE

S. Fisher expandafter at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 10 04:25:25 CET 2007

Fields are separated by commas, but if a field is surrounded by
double quotes it can contain commas---in fact, can contain any
byte whatsoever; double quotes (") within the field must be 
doubled, just as single quotes within a Pascal string are doubled.

All we need in order to parse a csv record is a single regex and
a few trimmings:


The part to the left of the pipe is for fields that are enclosed
in quotes; the part to the right is for ordinary fields.

{$mode objfpc}

uses pcre, strutils;


Regex PCRE options
Some of these things can be triggered by "(?x)" at the start of the
regex, where x is a lowercase letter.  In particular, "(?i)" forces
case-blind matching, "(?s)" forces dot to match newline, "(?x)" forces
whitespace to be ignored, and "(?m)" forces ^ and $ to match around
newlines, not just at the beginning/end of the string.  (\A and \Z
match the beginning and end of string respectively independent of this
flag, so you can get the effect of PCRE_ANCHORED by wrapping your
pattern with them.)


  string_list = array of ansiString;

procedure parse_csv( s: ansiString;  var ary: string_list );
  field_pat : iRegex = nil;
  captures: iMatch;
  str, field: ansistring;
  where, truelength: longint;
  // Has the regular expression engine been created?
  if field_pat = nil then
    field_pat := regexCreate(
      '\G\s*"([^"]*(?:""[^"]*)*)"\s*,|\G([^,"]*),'  );

  str := s + ',';
  setlength( ary, 32 );
  truelength := 0;
  where := 0;
  while where < length( str ) do
    captures := field_pat.match( str, where );
    if captures.groups[1].index > -1 then
      // Field was surrounded by quotes.
      field := AnsiReplaceStr(captures.groups[1].value, '""', '"' )
      field := captures.groups[2].value;
    if truelength >= length( ary ) then
      setlength( ary, truelength + 32 );
    ary[ truelength ] := field;
    inc( truelength );
    where := captures.groups[0].index + captures.groups[0].length;
  setlength( ary, truelength );

  fields: string_list;
  i: word;


    ' "Make one'#13#10'or two lines" ,brick,"""Look at that,"" he said"',
    fields );
  for i := 0 to high(fields) do
    writeln( '  Field ', i+1, ' ---------------------' );
    writeln( fields[i] );


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