[fpc-pascal] PCRE

L L at z505.com
Thu Nov 8 00:00:38 CET 2007

> > > Doing a dumb header port is not that hard. If you can't do it, start
> > > making
> > > tests, and I'll do it.
> (skip nonsense stuff)

No, not nonsense. Jeff P. (yetanothergeek) had a header for freepascal not using
any JCL, AFAIK. Which is the original link I provided, which wasn't working.
Which is why I posted this to the mailing list.

He did it for us already, AFAIK. No sense repeating Jeff's work if he already
did it.

> > So why use the JCL? Just do all the translations yourself.. forget JCL.
> - JCL's license is MPL and thus not suitable for inclusion in FPC
>    http://wiki.freepascal.org/licensing

Because of the ridiculous GPL license which freepascal uses, which isn't as free
as a BSD/NRCOL license.
That's not JCL's problem, that is freepascal and GPL's problem. Blame it on

> - JCL is not in a runnable state for most FPC targets.
> - translated Delphi headers are typically not clean for cross platform
> (most
>   notably 64-bit) use.

Jeff's unit may have been, for all you know, which is the unit that I supplied a
uRL to in my first email. Which I cannot download, and am waiting for Jeff to
reply. In the mean time, S. Fisher has already got a unit working while we were


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