[fpc-pascal] PCRE

L L at z505.com
Wed Nov 7 15:15:44 CET 2007

> Doing a dumb header port is not that hard. If you can't do it, start making
> tests, and I'll do it.

L505 loves flamebaits. They are what I eat for breakfast.

I personally like to spend my time doing useful things, and if someone has
already made the translation then I'm not going to waste time on it. Just like
I'm not going to rewrite a stringlist if there is already a stringlist in the
RTL. Waste of time. I'd rather write a new data structure and make my time
useful.  Or I'd rather convert a header that hasn't already been converted.

So why use the JCL? Just do all the translations yourself.. forget JCL.

And yes, that means that not all programmers want to roll their own sysutils or
system unit. Lots of them like to make use of something that's already been
written for them. And as an API designer, I know this well.


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