[fpc-pascal] What about to support of automation technologies (UNO, COM) ?

Andrey Gusev ag888 at rambler.ru
Wed Nov 7 14:36:29 CET 2007

> No. Using the delphi units coming with the OO SDK I was able to create
> documents with OO.

I'm cannot.

The SampleCode.pas (from OO SDK 2.3 InsertTables example) compiling:
SampleCode.pas(145,18) Error: Illegal qualifier
SampleCode.pas(145,30) Error: Illegal expression
SampleCode.pas(145,30) Fatal: Syntax error, ";" expected but "(" found
The same just as when the Delphi-UNO compiling.

the second approach

When i have edit the sourcecode to (vvv - is Variant):
        vvv := 
then above errors have been vanished - also can't understand...
And the
        PropertyValue.Name := 'ReadOnly';
        PropertyValue.Value := true;
hav'nt compiled.

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