[fpc-pascal] FPC now 3rd in shootout

S. Fisher expandafter at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 6 06:18:56 CET 2007

--- Dani�l Mantione <daniel.mantione at freepascal.org> wrote:

> > Is it true that a slow program has a worse effect on the shootout
> > results than a missing program?  That seems wrong to me.
> There has been a long discussion on the Shootout forums about it. Isaac 
> believes that it is more fair this way for languages that don't have all 
> benchmarks implemented. Now we simply have to make him retract all our 
> poor performing programs :)

Exactly.  A not very fast language can win the shootout
if it is faster than every other language for just one benchmark
and if only the program for that benchmark is submitted.

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