[fpc-pascal] FPC now 3rd in shootout

S. Fisher expandafter at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 23:03:17 CET 2007

--- Peter Vreman <peter at freepascal.org> wrote:

> around. I have update the program to use a pchar instead of an ansistring
> so it finishes within
> reasonable time. The updated source can be found in:
> But the code is a lot slower than gcc so there is still a lot of
> performance tuning to do:
>                100000  300000  500000
> fpascal          1.169   4.581  11.754
> gcc-2            1.033   3.078   5.111

Is it true that a slow program has a worse effect on the shootout
results than a missing program?  That seems wrong to me.

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