[fpc-pascal] Features and/or units to look for?

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Tue May 29 04:26:31 CEST 2007

I finished reading my old pascal book and reading up on PDFs from the site.

Was wondering how would I find features unique to FPC that my old Pascal 
book would not have... Basically features that I would not to look for, but 
that are helpfull. ie.. I remembered exception handling (try except...) and 
went looking for it on the web site.

Last I worked with "pure" Pascal was back in the Turbo Pascal days and even 
then did only "hobby" level use of Pascal. After that I did 2 years of 
Delphi.. some 5+ years ago. A financial app.

How about usefull units that "newbies" like myself may not be aware.

The FreeBSD port installed many units already which I plan to explore as 

fpc-fcl-2.0.4_2     Free Pascal Component Library
fpc-fv-2.0.4        FreeVision is a Free Pascal unit for Delphi support
fpc-gdbint-2.0.4    Free Pascal unit providing interface to gdb
fpc-graph-2.0.4     Free Pascal interface to graphical applications
fpc-hash-2.0.4      Free Pascal unit for MD5 hash routines
fpc-ibase-2.0.4_1   Free Pascal interface to interbase
fpc-libasync-2.0.4  Free Pascal interface to async library
fpc-mysql-2.0.4_1   Free Pascal interface to MySQL
fpc-netdb-2.0.4     Pure-pascal netdb implementation
fpc-odbc-2.0.4_1    Free Pascal interface to ODBC
fpc-oracle-2.0.4_1  Free Pascal interface to Oracle
fpc-pasjpeg-2.0.4   Handling JPEG files with Pascal
fpc-paszlib-2.0.4   Free Pascal unit for native compression IO
fpc-postgres-2.0.4_1 Free Pascal interface to PostGreSQL
fpc-pthreads-2.0.4  Free Pascal wraper for the pthreads library
fpc-regexpr-2.0.4   Free Pascal regular expression routines
fpc-sqlite-2.0.4_1  Free Pascal interface to SQLite
fpc-utils-2.0.4     Free Pascal Compiler utils   

I am glad the port maintainer went through the trouble to make this package 
with so many commonly usefull units.

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