[fpc-pascal] threads and serial port

josepascual josepascual at almudi.com
Fri May 25 09:52:45 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,


I have a program with several thread, I'm having a problem with serial port
due I need to send all the bytes (about 20 bytes/frame)

without delay. 

How can I do it? 

Can I set priority to thread which is sending byte to serial port to
highest? how?

Can I stop all thread but current during write in serial port?

Low Latency for serial port can help me? and how to active it in freepascal?


which is really curiously is I have made a very little program in c to send
bytes and It can do it well but in fpc I can not do it yet.


any suggestion is wel-come,


thank you in advanced,


Jose Pascual

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