[fpc-pascal] Eliberatica

Antal antal at componente.net
Sun May 20 09:37:25 CEST 2007

Today ended the Eliberatica held in Brasov - Romania.
It was mainly a conference around the Open source.
I had the idea, that freepascal should be at an important even like this, so
I'd like to know if you are interested in participating at a such event.
Let's describe the organizers the personalities of the event:
*<* The father of PHP *>* (Rasmus was only sending a video)
*<* The main creator of MySQL *> (Monty Widenius)*
*<* The main initiator of Apache Project *> (Brian Behlendorf)*
*<* One official member of Mozilla Foundation *>*
<http://eliberatica.ro/2007/eliberatica-speakers-and-events> (Zak Greant)
Also: Thomas Koch, Kurt von Finck (Ubuntu/Canonical)
Georg Greve (FSFE), Jim willis, Aleksander Farstad.
I'm quite sure, you might want to promote the FPC at a such an event, where
we mostly had romanian programmers, since the pascal is rather popular
especially in the schools.

So, I'd like to know if someone of the FPC team would like to join next year
this event (which was also held last year)
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