[fpc-pascal] Integer = Extended?

Wolfram Kläger wolfram.klaeger at web.de
Thu May 17 02:05:13 CEST 2007

WhatŽs wrong with the following declarations:

function Any(A1 : Extended; A2 : Extended) : AnyType; overload;

function Any(A1 : Integer; A2 : Integer) : AnyType; overload;

FPC 2.04 on Win32 says, both functions have same parameter list. Consequently, there is no error message, when IŽm feeding the extended version with Integers.

Say, such autocast is a convenience feature in many cases. For my application itŽs weird. What is the appropriate workaround? Is there some homemade type checking like

if A1 is Integer then SureItsInteger else SureItsExtended?


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