[fpc-pascal] Steps to achieve i386-wince

J. Randolph Andrews RAndrews at douloiautomation.com
Tue May 15 18:26:51 CEST 2007

Dear FPC Folk,

I posted the following question as a Lazarus topic:

I'd like to make desktop style applications for WinCE using Free Pascal and Lazarus. The target device is a specialized x86 industrial controller running WinCE with 640x480 screen res (not a PDA). When I select WinCE and i386 target from Lazarus (compiler options, code tab) and click "Show Options" it seems the tool is expecting a i386-wince directory to exist. The only WinCE notes I see on the Lazarus site relate to an ARM cross compiler. Can someone point me to where the i386-wince configurations are? Thanks!

and graciously received only a few hours later the following response:

A full SDK to develop lazarus-wince software consists of several parts, namely: * GNU Binutils 
* A Free Pascal Compiler 
* A Run-Time Library 
* A Free Component Library (FCL) 
* The Lazarus Component Library (LCL) 
We provide snapshots with all of those pre-compiled and configured for arm-wince 
As far as I know, i386-wince should also work normally, but you will need to get all of those above in the correct locations yourself. Here is a guide: 
But be careful, the guide is about manually configuring arm-wince. You will need to substitute all references of arm-wince with i386-wince. Later you can also edit the wiki page and add i386-wince instructions, so it will be easier for the people after you. 
The first step, for example, is downloading the binutils. Try google, with some lucky you will find i386-wince buntils easely. 
If not, or for more detailed information, ask again on the Free Pascal Mailling List.

I definitely need more detailed information. I can find binutils-2.17 but there's nothing wince specific about what I found. I suspect FPC 2.1 is necessary because it was needed for the arm-wince case however I don't understand how to take the source code snapshots available and compile them. Any additional details would be appreciated. 


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