[fpc-pascal] libsndfile library

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Tue May 8 15:21:17 CEST 2007

Am Dienstag, den 08.05.2007, 09:51 +0200 schrieb Tiziano_mk:

> for mark:
> I am not a Linux user, sorry. All that seems too complex to me, but I'll 
> try to investigate :-)

What I wrote is pretty easy, I wish Windows has something like this in
the base system - ever had a missing .DLL and windows won't tell you
it's name?

The last mail showed you how to ask "is libsndfile there?" and maybe
"what version does it have?" depending on th naming conventions of your

Today I can tell you how to answer the question "does the installed lib
really not have function 'sf_open_read'?":

$nm -D /usr/local/libsndfile.so | grep sf_open_read

Hm, no output, funny.

$ nm -D /usr/local/libsndfile.so | grep sf_open
0000c570 T psf_open_rsrc
00003e44 T sf_open
00003fb0 T sf_open_fd

Ah, see: this version of the lib only has a bunch of other opening
functions, not based on a filename but on a file descriptor or similar.

Only guessing here, but:
To support older lib version you can use that function instead of the
apparently newer one taking a name or tell people to use at least the
version you have installed. Your package manager (rpm, apt, ...) should
be able to tell you the version number.

After having had a look into the header
file /usr/local/include/sndfile.h it is pretty clear ...

HTH anyways,

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