[fpc-pascal] some problem in SVN FPC for arm linux (v 2.3.1)

Helmut Hartl helmut.hartl at firmos.at
Fri May 4 18:37:50 CEST 2007

Hello again Henry,

>  >
>  > i used the "mastermakefile" to build the tool chain:
>  > http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/Development/MasterMakefile
>  >

I followed the
Worked for me for CentOS 5, i built the slugosle 4.4 and flashed it.
Then i copy'ed the generated crosstoolchain and used it to make a 
cross compileing fpc 2.3.1 from svn head.

Many thanks for your help !!
A simple "FPC only Hello World" programm compiled works perfect on the

>  > this is the _only_ toolchain that worked for me, since i had
>  > to link against external libs.  if you're writing a
>  > stand-alone fpc app, you might get away by using any old binutils.
>  >

But a you predicted :-( i now have problems linking against an external
I want to use unit "dynlibs" to dynamically load the "libc.so.6" on the
(i have done this under i386 linux sucessfully)

But i get the following error:

Free Pascal Compiler version 2.3.1 [2007/05/03] for arm
Copyright (c) 1993-2007 by Florian Klaempfl
Target OS: Linux for ARM
Compiling nslu_test.lpr
Assembling nslu_test
Linking nslu_test
/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.3.1/units/arm-linux/rtl/cprt0.o: In function
: undefined reference to `_fini'
/usr/local/lib/fpc/2.3.1/units/arm-linux/rtl/cprt0.o: In function
: undefined reference to `_init'
nslu_test.lpr(6,17) Error: Error while linking
nslu_test.lpr(6,17) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module,

The source is:
program nslu_test;
{$mode objfpc}{$H+}
uses dynlibs;


Have you again any hints for me ?



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