[fpc-pascal] Fpc running in Zeta?

Olivier Coursiere olivier.coursiere at laposte.net
Thu Mar 29 00:02:09 CEST 2007

Hi !

Matt Emson a écrit :
>> Free Pascal 1.0.10 was released with a Beos-port, developed by Carl Eric
>> Codère. However, Carl stopped with FPC development, and nobody took over,
>> so the Beo-port had to be discontinued.
> Not to contradict you, but version 2.11 is available from here:
> http://bebits.com/app/4321 (which basically links to the BeFPC souceforge
> file repo.)
> Olivier Coursiere maintained a port after Carl stopped producung them.
This 2.1.1 version is not an officially maintained port. It is a quick 
port of the "new" RTL (it was new at that time...). This version is 
based on libc functions instead of system calls used in older versions. 
I still have to find some time to update and submit a patch to include 
this in the official source repository. But, from my point of view, it 
still need some cleanup before. The port is quite ugly. It is not really 
a problem for BeOS specific units (who cares ? ;-), but i use some BEOS 
IFDEFs in some key units like "unix" to avoid problems with unsupported 
libc functions.
> I have no idea which version Pixel uses, as it uses its own widget set
> anyway, so theoretically should run with most versions that are at a
> suitable feature set. Pixel's development team were extremely underhanded in
> the past and took people's money (on the BeOS platform) and thengave little
> to show for it. Definately not the right thing to do. Only recently (with in
> the last 2 years) is Pixel even usable on BeOS/Zeta.
I suppose Pixel use this version under BeOS/Zeta as Pavel Kanzelsberger 
has made some packaging to include it in Zeta (see comments at bebits.com).


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