[fpc-pascal] Congratulations to FPC!

Bisma Jayadi bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Wed Mar 28 07:01:46 CEST 2007

> You'd need a gigabit connection for that. There are far too many actions.
> Code completion for instance would take forever.

I don't think so. I've seen an ajax application that performs a similar 
operation to code completion on the web (I use ADSL connection) and it performs 
very well. Though it's not instantaneous but it doesn't take forever neither, it 
only takes about 2-3 seconds which is fast enough to me. I believe there some 
mechamisms/logics that could boost the performance.

> And: in practice, there are only 2 browsers that more or less work for web apps, 
> and even then... I would never trust that.

Due to the web app complexity, I think it'd be alright to target 1-2 specific 
browsers that able to provide advanced/required functions.


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