[fpc-pascal] Font handles from Win API

Wolfram Kläger wolfram.klaeger at web.de
Mon Mar 19 14:39:49 CET 2007

I wrote something like

>... CallbackProc( 
>...    EnumFontFamilies(
>       DeviceContext,

The problem is solved. Finally I managed to draw text of any style on any bitmap I want by squeezing Windows GDI the way it likes to be squeezed. Fortunately, the FPC windows unit works great. In some special cases, here or there was a flag, that the compiler could not identify, where MSDN says, it should. But these are of minor priority.

I learned a lot. But what about Linux? Suppose, itŽs  the same effort, to find a low level recipe for printing text labels on bitmaps. Should I better change my kitchen at all, and install Lazarus? Though I donŽt need any visual components, full blown IDE etc.?

What is the appropriate pendant to GDI on Linux, for such lean purposes in a console / batch environment?


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