[fpc-pascal] Embedded web server

Jason P Sage jasonpsage at jegas.org
Wed Mar 14 23:34:51 CET 2007

Leonardo M. Ramé Wrote

>Hi, I need to create a web app and don't whant to use CGI or Apache
>modules, in fact I whant to
>create my own web server that serves only an embedded app. 
>Anyone knows anithing like this?, if I'm not wrong Jason P. Sage was
>looking for something similar.
>Leonardo M. Ramé

I learned a lot while hunting for a web server. I have not needed nor
investigated embedded web server's but perhaps you will find success
with these items like I did:

FPC Multi-Threading Support
FPC Socket Lib
TProcess (Or the Process Unit) for launching external processes. (Not
sure this applies to your application)

I was quite impressed with nYume Web Server by the "Replicator" in
Russia, which is less then 1000 lines of code I THINK. 

I learned a lot and now have a web server totally written in FPC that is
1.7 times faster than apache on static web pages (bench marked using ab,
same html pages, same machine etc) 

I was able to use FPC process unit to create direct CGI support (
executable cgi apps), Perl (via cgi) , and PHP (via CGI), and my
executable can run as   a webserver or a multi-threaed CGI client system
- with a simple change to the config file. So now I have two major ways
to deploy my web applications written in FPC: CGI or Standalone - Which
is WebServer + Built in Application Mode.

I managed virtual host support, and apache compatible logging in
apache's "combined" mode.

Here is the link to the nYume Web Server's downloads. 


I learned a lot from this guy's code, help on this forum, and just
banging away all on my keyboard all hours night and day ... so if you
have any questions - feel free to ask - I MAY be able to save you a

Best Regards,
         Jason P Sage

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