[fpc-pascal] arm big endian questions and info

Henry Vermaak henry.vermaak at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:06:04 CET 2007

here's an update on this.  i tried a couple of different things to
rule out what can be the problem.  i got an nslu2 that i set up with a
big endian firmware that runs a different kernel (2.6.16) version than
my other board.  the results were exactly consistent between these
boards.  i also tried different crossbinutils, but got the same
results again.  this is as expected, but i just had to make sure it
wasn't anything silly.

these results are (everything compiled with -CfSOFT for big endian):

1)  writeln('Hello World') outputs "Hello WorldHello W".  all other
writeln and readln calls seem to work after that.

2)  i get "Runtime error 207" when i attempt floating point operations.

then i flashed the nslu2 with little endian firmware and everything
works perfectly with softfloat (after i recompiled ppcrossarm and my
test program, obviously).  i haven't tested extensively, but something
like format('%.2f', [a/b]) works well.  good job to all who's been
working on this.

so i guess the problem lies with big endian...


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