[fpc-pascal] FPC compiled program stops with SIGILL on newer hardware (Pentium M 800 MHz)

Dirk Verwiebe dirk at verwiebe.de
Fri Mar 9 09:19:50 CET 2007

my program, written ca 5 years ago which worked all the time on several
hardware plattforms(486,AMD 64 ,Celeron 433)
crashs with a SIGILL error on my new Pentium M Board.
The program was compiled with debug information and so i can see it
stops if it in function getcpuinfo and cpu_init
in the cpu unit from Thomas Schatzl.
But when i write a small test program which uses the same functions of
the unit,too it works without problems.
How can i found out where the problems comes from and how can i solve it ?
Thanks in advance.



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