[fpc-pascal] arm big endian questions and info

Henry Vermaak henry.vermaak at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 15:50:19 CET 2007

o.k.  this is where i've come to with my struggle with arm big endian
(without fpu):

2.0.4: works well, except with floating point (hangs on my board).
can't compile the rtl with softfloat support.

2.0.5:  just tried latest rev.  doesn't work well, writeln('hello
world') spits out rubbish after 'hello world'.  can't compile rtl with

2.1.1:  tried many revisions, most of them compile without problems (i
only compile the compiler and the rtl).  can compile for softfloat
(when i use -Ce -CfSOFT).  doesn't seem to work at all, however.
writeln('hello world') doesn't do anything and the program just exits.

i'll try and debug 2.1.1. rev 6643 soon to see what i can learn.  any
insight or info from anyone?



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