[fpc-pascal] Metaware

Tom Walsh tom at openhardware.net
Wed Jun 20 00:50:16 CEST 2007

memsom wrote:
>> '?' indeed! I am fascinated! What does yield do exactly... presumably it
>> returns a result from the function without closing down that instance of
>> the function? Amazing concept.
> I suspect - given the word "DOS" in some of the code, it allows a DOS
> event loop to continue in a single threaded co-operative multitasking
> environment. A bit like Application.ProcessMessages in Delphi or
> Application.DoEvents() in DotNet. You can probably do other things at the
> same time, but Yield says this to me (maybe my old Mac programming hat as
> the Toolbox has a similar API.) If so, it's probably a little redundant
> now and use of threads could get around the problem (or even using the
> Application object from Lazarus API to implement the
> "processmessages"/yield part?)

Well, the programmers are referring to 'Dos' in the generic sense, this 
is definately on a unix box.


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